What does CEV Health do differently? What makes our products stand out?
In the world of mathematics, 1+1=2. In the world of nutrition, 1+1=10 if ingredients are formulated correctly. For example, we know for calcium to be absorbed in the body, we need vitamin D. For vitamin D, we need sunlight. It does not makes sense for us to separate vitamins. The trick is to correctly formulate a once daily supplement to maximize the concept of BioMultiplicity. Vitamins work best together in certain ratios. CEV product ingredients are correctly balanced for your maximum benefit. BioMultiplicity at its best.
Nature, Uninterrupted (NU)
NU simply means that nature does not need help, it simply requires no interference. When you accidentally cut your finger while chopping vegetables for dinner, your body automatically rebuilds the damaged finger. CEV is designed specifically to remove accumulated toxins, allowing it to function naturally, uninterrupted by the environment.
The Liver is the Most Important Organ in your Body
CEV formulator Michael Shalhoub shares why the liver is the most important organ in your body. So many body functions are affected by the liver, that is why it is so important to detox & cleanse it. With a fully functional liver, your body can function at its best! CEV liver detox does not cure the diseases mention in this video, it simply removes toxins from your liver so that your liver can do its job.