Having Trouble with Weight Loss?

weight-lossAs we grow older & wiser, toxins continue to accumulate in our bodies and slow our metabolism.

Give your body the chance to rid itself of the toxins, enabling you to make your weight loss efforts to be effective. One of the major contributing factors to obesity in people of all ages is toxicity. We must also be aware that this is a vicious cycle:

The more obese we become, the more fat we store and the more fat that we store, the more toxins we absorb &  store as well.

Why is this?

Because toxins are stored primarily in fat cells! As we lose toxicity in our liver, we begin to optimize thyroid function and also our energy level, making weight loss more attainable. For every good reason, detoxing our liver should be the first step in achieving our weight loss goals. It’s pretty difficult to exercise regularly when just getting off the couch seems like a chore. Increasing our natural levels of energy helps us in that regard.

The more we exercise the more we feel like exercising and now we are on a different cycle, a positive one. The above ailments are skyrocketing despite our best efforts in the field of medicine. With everything else remaining essentially the same, the one thing that has changed is our exposure to toxins.

Now we experience the global vicious cycle.

The more toxic our environment becomes, the more of these ailments we will continue to see. While our treatment for these ailments has improved dramatically, the number of people that suffer from them is rising daily. If we are to begin to get a handle on this global epidemic, it must begin with ourselves.

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