Team CEV

Meet the CEV Health Team:
Dr. Mike Shalhoub

Meet Dr. Michael Shalhoub, the CEV Health product formulator. After being dissatisfied with the quality and types of one-a-day supplements on the market, Dr. Mike decided to create a product from scratch that would help cleanse your liver and another to reach and maintain optimal health. He is a testament to the product’s success…Read More
Charlie Wi

Meet Charlie Wi, professional golfer born in Seoul, South Korea. Charlie golfs on the PGA tour and has won 9 international victories since going professional. Charlie uses CEV Trio to maintain his good health while on tour…Read More
Rory Leidelmeyer
Meet Rory Leifelmyer, professional body builder otherwise know as “The Uncrowned King of Bodybuilding” is one of CEV Health’s founder’s inspiration for a liver detox product. Rory has won Mr. America & trained celebrities like Wayne Gretzky, Heather Locklear…Read More
Charlie Wi
Meet Corinna Elizabeth Vera, a competitive salsa dancer and bikini bodybuilder. Corinna, nicknammed the ‘Energizer Bunny’ uses CEV to support a healthy and balanced lifestyle…Read More