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The Truth About Detox eBook


This eBook looks at major sources of toxicity and what you can do to safely detox your body. It also provides information on maintaining a clean healthy system once you get started on your detox journey.

Product Description

Learn the Truth about Detox in our complimentary eBook:

Chapter 1 “ARE YOU TOXIC?” addresses each source of toxicity one at a time. These include Water, Air, Food, Chemicals, Drugs and Genetics.

Chapter 2 on Physiology looks at the human body and its respective challenges. Learn how you can help your body do its job. This chapter also discusses how ‘Congestion and Stasis Lead to Plaque’ as well as ‘The Importance of Alkalinity’.

Chapter 3 ‘The Vicious Cycle … Start at the Source’ discusses why the liver needs to be detoxed, its importance in the human bod and cycle of toxicity. We also discuss Post Cleanse measures Long-term Maintenance, the role of water, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and pre/pro-biotics.

Chapter 4 discusses liver toxicity and well-being with regards to most common illness such as diabetes, circulatory disease, arthritis, clinical hypothyroidism and obesity.