Trio…The thinking person’s one a day supplement.

daily complete supplementTrio was born out of frustration. Years ago the formulator of CEV products, Dr. Michael Shalhoub, was fumbling through his many bottles of vitamins minerals and herbs etc. He is someone that takes nutritional supplementation very seriously and therefore believes in taking a wide spectrum of products to ensure his nutritional stability. Unfortunately, buying many different products each month is both time consuming and very expensive. One day after making his $200 purchase at a GNC, a thought came to him. “If someone were to do this correctly they could put all the products in one straw pack and provide much higher quality at a much lower price”… And Trio was born!
The final formulation was a product of months of research and comparative analysis not to mention a lifetime of experience in the field of nutrition. The goal was to find the best ingredients in the most efficient form so that both the ingredients and the form would complement one another. This is known as “Biomultiplicity“.

Why is Trio known as “the thinking man’s one a day supplement”? Because it is the only supplement that contains all of the following:

  •  A six strain pro-biotic to ensure digestive and eliminative health.
  • Pre-biotics to ensure the health and viability of the pro-biotics.
  • Ten plant based digestive enzymes to ensure proper assimilation of nutrients.
  • Super-greens to ensure maximum Alkalinity and anti-oxidant activity.
  • A full compliment of vitamins and minerals to ensure maximum levels of these invaluable micro-nutrients.
  • CoQ10 to ensure heart health.

You know what the best part is? All of this is available at a fraction of the cost of reproducing these nutrients individually. Dr. Mike was spending over $200 a month for his personal supplement regimen and it still didn’t have the quality of ingredients found in a single Trio straw pack.
You know what the next best part is? It can be delivered to your door each month avoiding an unnecessary trip to the vitamin store.
So what are you waiting for? Click here to order yours today!